Paul returns at 19:00 with a pretty cool edition of Heim Süß Heim that focuses all on music. Heim Süß Heim Interviews with:
1. Prof. Stefan Baier, Rektor der Hochschule für Katholische Kirchenmusik und Musikpädagogik Regensburg
2. DJ Notorious Norbert, Club-DJ seit 35 Jahren, ab kommendem Samstag endlich wieder mit dem ‘Blast From The Past’ in der Alten Mälzerei!


Attention/Achtung/Pozor/¡precaución! – Regensburg Analog is staring at seven/sieben/sedm/siete tonight/heute abend/dnes večer/esta noche. Thank you/danke/děkuji/gracias.


Mane doesn’t do it today. But he has a good reason. Mane will do it again next week. We are starting today with Helmet’s Lampshade. This show originally ran on Thursday but the radio demons attacked us and half the show did not make it on the air. So we’re going to try our luck again now. Tobi is finally back with a look at the year 1991. The last big bang he calls it. The rest of the evening is filled with old reliables but we should note that Deviant Disco is a Schnapszahl tonight and Late Night Lounge has reached show #50. Hats off to DJ 187!!!


Helmet starts us off today with his third surf special. The first and second were the tops so don’t miss this one. Shake has the blues. We don’t know why. The show will certainly explain it. Jean-Flo is back and we have a new guest who will be joining us. You know him. Wait and see to find out who it is. And PAL is PAL. The good, the good and the ugly.


We’re on a roll. This will be two weeks in a row. Much like the Geto Boys we can’t be stopped. This week’s guest is Flake. Some of you might know Flake. We’ve met Flake. But tonight we will hear the Flake. She’ll be aufleging with us and also playing some of her upcoming new album live in the studio for us. Should be fun. Big shout out to VPBy (Verband für Popkultur in Bayern e.V.) and especially Cosi for their support for this show. (We’ll explain on air).
Yesterday’s shows get repeated at 11 in the morning too.