5 shows again on this action-packed Saturday evening. Mane has his last week of vacation so we are changing things up a little bit this week. We are going to start off with Kalodner’s awesome special: Shredding in the 80s. Then we have yet another debut for you: SOD (Symphony of Destruction) is joining our lineup. It’s heavy and good. Then Jurass Sixx and Milchmädchen are teaming up for a special show. Late Night Lounge has our weekly fix of hip-hop and then Axl has another fine edition of Deviant Disco for us direkt aus der Schweiz. This time he’s going to take a dive into GOA. Cool. Be here or don’t.


Thunderday. You know the drill. NieblAIR will be some kind of Sonderausgabe as well. Set your alarm handys. And as an added bonus, you can hear yesterday’s most excellent broadcast at 11 if you missed it or need it again. Be here or don’t.


Alert alert! Something in the 80’s just got more somethinger! DJ Avocalodner (who???) came out of nowhere and delivered more notes per minute than is humanly possible. Racer X is dabei. Racer X. Geil. Then we have zum 19ten Mal a little Jugendverschwendung und dann haben wir schon wieder ein Debut. Anschließend steigt MNL Soundspielplatz ein. Was ist das? We don´t know yet. Let’s find out together. Und am Schluss wird unser Bombsiteboy das Ganze zum happy end bringen. Kommt mit. Oder nicht.


Standard community radio day. And a debut dazu at 22:00. And Heim Süß Heim is back. Everything. Crazy. Be here. Or don’t. Your choice.

Heim süß Heim Interviews mit

1. Wolfgang Dersch (Kulturreferent der Stadt Regensburg)
2. Undine Schneider (Leiterin Turmtheater Regensburg)


Adam is a little erkältet – Guests wouldn’t be a good idea. Stattdessen wird die lang liegengebliebene “To-listen-to-Liste” live abgearbeitet.


Today looks and sounds like this:We start with a little history: Yesterday’s shows. Then some more history with a show that has something to do with the 80’s.Then we move on to the verschwending of the jugend followed by some life in the big city. We finish things off dancing in Jamaica. Be here or don’t.


CRD. First a random show. A rerun probably. Or live. Don’t know yet. Then a Local Scene and then an er-em about drinking. Be here or don’t.