Getting back in the swing of things. The Local Scene is back with a show with and er-em has a 90 minute show for us. Heim süß Heim returns as well with interviews with:
– Norbert Neugirg, Kabarettist, Autor, Musiker und Schauspieler. Einem breiten Fernsehpublikum ist er v.a. als Leiter der “Altneihauser Feierwehrkapell’n” bekannt.
– Vivian Hauk, Kamerafrau


We’re young, we’re old, we’re one. On this day last year we started. And here we still are. We have your basic Sunday planned for you. The Sonic Superspreader is putting 1971 under the Lupe, Brain Damage is gonna be even freakier than usual, maybe we’ll make some new enemies with Regensburg Analog, Mr. Mojo is going to talk English and the klingende Wolpertinger is going to be a live disaster. Hide your sheep.


Hey there. We’re repeating Sunday’s fine program starting at 11 in the morning and then we’re taking one more week off. We’ll be back for real on Sunday. Friday will probably have an FNL too but no promises. Enjoy the silence.


A full plate today. Man is 30, Jurass is 20. Tobi is 90 minutes, the flyer is late today. Everything is big. Should be good. If not good then at least long.


Karlfreitag. Who is Karl and why does he have his own Freitag? PAL will know. That’s why he’s joining us in the studio tonight. We expect answers. Yesterday’s radio gets repeated at 11 in the morning too. That’s the day that will be.


We’re back. Virtual Injection is doing an Easter Special. We don’t know what that means either. The instructions were very specific. “Must run on Green Thunderday.” We didn’t ask any questions. Metal Illness is coming on afterwards so we can go a little longer if we so desire.


Lots of familiar voices tonight and a new one too. Arok has joined the club and has put together a mix for us and you can hear that at 23:00. Bang.