Shipped from Australia all the way to Kallmünz, FLAKE is an uneducated, art school dropout with little to no formal musical education. When she’s not putting actual musicians on pedestals, she’s attempting to vocally perform as the front woman in the band Megaboy.

She also performs solo – she writes her own songs, produces them, and then kind of screams the lyrics out over the top in a kind of melodic way. It’s not fantastic, but some people seem to enjoy the “energy” of it all.

The walking embodiment of an early mid-life crisis, her biggest regret in life is that the musical instrument she chose at 15 was a pair of turntables. Unfortunately this has lead to a lifetime of playing other peoples music – constantly consuming the work of others instead of developing her own craft. So many potentially creative years – wasted. The great ambition to be a brilliant “Howard Roark” type, shattered. Forever doomed, a “Peter Keating type”.

Lucky for FLAKE, she is a perfect 10 in the looks department. Which is good. Because god knows it makes up for her lack of actual talent. Most of her self esteem issues would be solved if she only spent as much time practising the drums as she does painting her nails.

They say “comparison is the thief of joy” and nobody knows this better than FLAKE. You can tune in to hear her weak, half-formed opinions about all kinds of different musical genres, but it’s not “a must”

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