Back to the old new old normal. SteVe has a double feature for us tonight. He’s starting us off with his first edition of Something in the 80’s focusing on the outsiders of that fluorescent decade followed by the 30th wasting of your youth. Triefauge is on zombie safari again and Selector Bombsiteboy will boom the dancehall. Join us after you complete the new-mask-Schnitzeljagd.

er-em On Air

Live on stage Vol.1

  1. Jimi Hendrix – All Along the Watchtower
  2. Rolling Stones – Like a Rolling Stone
  3. Mitch Ryder – Gimme Shelter
  4. Eric Clapton – Cocaine
  5. Eric Clapton/Steve Winwood – Dear Mr. Fantasy
  6. Jeff Beck – Morning Dew
  7. Sacco & Manectti – Staying alive
  8. Gov’t Mule – You’ve Got to Hide your Love Away
  9. Grateful Dead – Good Lovin’
  10. Ramones – Let’s Dance

The Local Scene #30

“Regensburg’s Music Festivals II” mit Daniel Noyman

  1. Weird Kong – Suspects
  2. Loop Schrauber & TRIBEZ – Cruisin’
  3. George Tomcat Johnson feat. Cottonball & Daddy D. – Soulright
  4. Journey with Sue – Still in Love
  5. T.G. Copperfield & The Electric Band – You Knock me Dead
  6. Radio Haze – Covered in Scales
  7. Athena – Sende Yap
  8. Onyx – Reise ins Licht
  9. TRIBEZ. x Maniac – Paragon
  10. Cellfire – Soulmate
  11. Tame the Abyss – Black Mold
  12. Kolossus Däächt – It’s Eating me up
  13. Eclipse Sol-Air – You’ll see it tomorrow
  14. Walter Lang Trio – Branduardi


After a week-long break you can get your fix of local goodies here again. Heim süß Heim is taking one more week off so we have scheduled a repeat of Tobi’s music History to fill the gap. His next show is running on Saturday so you can see what his show is like if you’re more of a Dienstag person. The Local Scene is 30 today too and is taking another look at Regensburg’s music festivals while er-em On Air will be presenting a whole bunch of live stuff. That is the broadcast that will be.

Helmet’s Lampshade #4

  1. Chubby and the Gang – The Rise and the Fall of the Gang
  2. Clowns – Never Enough
  3. At the Drive-In – Hulahoop Wounds
  4. Petey’s Dead – Horses
  5. Nothington – Where I Stand
  6. Bob Mould – Next Generation
  7. The Replacements – Kids Don’t Follow
  8. Jeff Rosenstock – Nikes (Alt)
  9. Streetlight Manifesto – Everything Went Numb
  10. Catch 22 – Dear Sergio
  11. Common Rider – Classics of Love
  12. Talco – Nel varieta
  13. Rancid – Nihilism
  14. The Falcon – The Celebutard Chronicles
  15. I Walk the Line – Demonic Verses
  16. Hero dishonest – Minä Minä Minä
  17. Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine – The Last Big Gulp
  18. NoMeansNo – Rags and Bones
  19. Kvelertak – Mjød
  20. Dogleg – Hotlines

Radio Rückbau #13

  1. Matula – Schwere
  2. Mutabor – Abgestand’nes Bier
  3. die Ärzte – Morgens Pauken
  4. Cloud Rat – Last Leaf
  5. Paranoid – 地獄の軍勢 (Jigoku no Gunzei)
  6. Sabot Noir – Vert et Noir
  7. Ein Gutes Pferd – Unter Menschen
  8. Deutsche Schäferhunde – Rosa Brille
  9. Malatesta – Walzer
  10. From Ashes Rise – Public Service
  11. I HATE SALLY – Hannah Hannah
  12. The Wipers – This Time
  13. His Hero Is Gone – Headless Heartless
  14. Feine Sahne Fischfilet – Wir haben immer noch uns
  15. Korn – Got The Life
  16. Kapitulation B.o.N.n. – Kartell der Kassierer

Unerhört #3

  1. Jakuzi – Koca Bir Samalõk
  2. Holy Fuck – Deleters (feat. Angus Andrew)
  3. SPECTRES – When Possessed Pray
  4. Slut – Time is not a Remedy
  5. Slut – For the Soul there is no Hospital
  6. Grrrl Gang – Pop Princess
  7. The Dirty Nil – Hang Yer Moon
  8. Sandra Hüller – Champaigner
  9. Rodrigo Campos – Meu Samba Quer Se Dissolver
  10. Shopping – About You
  11. Ganser – Shadowcasting
  12. Chain Cult – Isolated
  13. True Body – Youth Hotel
  14. Pinegrove – Morningtime (Amperland, NY)


We’re back. Did we miss anything? One week with no GTR and things go crazy. Sorry ’bout that. But no worries, we are here to restore order to a chaotic world. We start with Albert and the third edition of Unerhört. Radio Rückbau wird 13 and Helmet and his lampshade will fill Alex Hellcat’s time slot this week. Hellcat we be back next week. You should be back this week. Tonight. Or not.


Ola. We are going to take a little nap for about a week. Then we’ll be back. We haven’t slept since September. It’s time. You can still hear yesterday’s radio today. It’s almost 9 hours long. It starts at 11. We’ll be in touch.